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How RBX Active & StoreAutomator

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Multichannel selling is a practical strategy for expanding a brand's market visibility, generating new growth opportunities, and establishing sustainable sources of revenue. However, while more and more companies are beginning to recognize the business value that a multichannel selling strategy provides, deciding on the right way to execute it isn't always easy.

The last decade has presented an equal number of opportunities and challenges for all brands operating within the eCommerce space. Even before COVID-19 disruptions for in-store and online businesses, being able to migrate to a multichannel selling solution while streamlining operations successfully and managing costs was less of a skillset and more of an art form. These statements couldn't be more true for one activewear brand headquartered out of New York, NY, known as RBX Active.

Let's see how RBX Active faced these opportunities and challenges head-on and how eventually they came to partner with StoreAutomator to help them streamline operations and maximize efficiency when executing their multichannel fulfillment strategy.